Beard Hair Transplant


The imperfections of the face cannot be hidden like those of other parts of the body. Everything is there, in plain sight. In communication with the others, the face creates the first impression of a person.

AHT is dedicated to providing our patients with the same advanced solutions for the face that they have been offering for half a decade to treat the scalp.

Unlike the conventional hair transplant, the facial hair transplant consists in adding hair in different areas of the face. In any case, these are short interventions (under local anesthesia) but require careful planning of the design of the implants, with artistic sensitivity and according to the tastes and physical characteristics of the patient.

The areas to be treated can be:

  • Eyebrows: They are the frame of the face. Particularly sought after by women who intend to restore them (they tend to lose density over the years, sometimes due to successive hair removals and others due to stress or other conditions), the transplant in this area consists in the relocation of up to 200 follicular units, carefully oriented. It also usually applies to men with burns and scars in that area, for example, by piercing. The results are natural and definitive.
  • Chin: It is a solution for those men who want to wear a full beard and have “patches” or specific areas where it does not grow. In general, the donor area is intended to be the first line of the neck, but hair can also be removed from the armpit, chest or abdomen.
  • Mustaches: The procedure is used to hide some physical anomalies (such as cleft lip), although the most common is to camouflage scars, especially by piercing, which damages the capillary bulb. Hair is implanted from the beard or the posterior region of the head.
  • Whiskers: They are another of the elements that frame the face. The transplant, in these cases, serves to redefine the facial features by covering scars and burns. Generally, between 400 and 500 follicular units are implanted.

At Asian Hair Transplant, which is one of the best clinic in Ludhiana for this type of procedures, you will find experts who can advise you about the treatment and the procedure. This type of treatment should not be let go in the hands of just anyone but the best and the qualified experts must be sought after.